Living room furnitures and accessories

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Living room furniture and accessories

The living room is one of your most used rooms, it is often a central part of your home, and therefore you need a living room that makes you feel at home. Our focus is to produce living room furniture that helps you create the perfect living space.

The design of our living room chairs, tables, sofas is inspired by Nordic living. Our accessories such as frames, ottomans, carpets, and lamps are all designed so all products can be combined. And we also ensure that coming design collections of the living room furniture will fit right into your current setup.

Decorating the living room
When you are about to start redecorating your living room, take the general purpose of the room in thorough consideration. Should be a kids-friendly place with lots of place for playing or a more formal feeling with an elegant open fireplace and build in TV. When you consider the over all style and decoration of the living room, also consider what kind of storage would be most suitable. Build in closets can be a big thing to start building, but will give the living room a clean and minimalistic feel, while a table and a few cabinets gives can give the room a more creative touch. No matter what style you choose, always make sure that you bring your personality into the interior design and include funny things from travels abroad, carpets, art, curtains and lamps.

What purpose does the living room have?
Maybe you already have a livingroom where you have room for your low-key activities such a reading and television. Then we suggest that you decorate the other living room with en elegant and sophisticated touch wit leather sofas, dark wood and elegant sofatables. If there's a fireplace, use it as the central element in the room. On the other hand, if it's your primary living room you are decorating, we suggest more relaxed furnitures and cabinets where you quick and easy can get rid of the worts mess and work related papers and relax in a large sofa or chaise lounge.

What kind of furnitures should I add to my living room
Since the living room serves many purposes, make sure there's plenty of shelves, cabinettes and drawers, so you have storage room for all your goods. A build in multimedia set is a great way to elegant store the TV, dvd players and consoles, where as the free standing TV table is more versatile and can be moved according to the needs. A table can both serve as the familys primary dining table, but also as a place where homework is made, games are played or creative ideas come to life. A spot by the window will be a great hangout for reading or just getting lost in thoughts or take a small nap.

What colors should I use?
Don't be afraid to give the walls a very bright color. Also buy the large furnitures such as sofas and tables in light colors, and then give the room depth and personality buy adding vases, blankets, paintings, lamps and other accessories that more easily can be replaced in solid dark colors, to set the mood in the room.

If you have any questions about our selection of furnitures to your living room, don't hesitate to contact us, or visit our shops in Marbella and Mijas.
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