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Create your own home office

The home office might serve several needs in your house. Maybe it's the place where you spend all your working hours 2-5 dyas a week, for some it's a place where bills are paid and important papers are put aside and mails are checked. For children, the home office might be a place where several hours are spend each week playing computer games or the homework is finished. If your space is tight, the home office might be incorporated in the living room, sleeping room or guest room. So, before you start decorating your home office, it's important that you consider the specific needs and usage of the office.

Regardless of the usage, two thing you always need in your home office is storage room and light. cabinets and book cases are an absolute must, so you can keep your work space clean, but still have easy access to all the things you need close to you. Light is also an important factor in your workspace. If possible, a lot of natural light is preferred, without it interrupts you screen or sight. But be sure to have a good table lamp that can light up what ever you might have lying on your desk - again - without interrupting your screen or blinding your sight.

When storage and lightning is in place - find the perfect office table. Especially if you use your home office as your primary working space, it's almost impossible to have a table that is too big. So find a table that is as big as the room allows. There should be plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, papers and notes. And don't forget the personal items, to give the office the personal touch and warmth. A few deep drawers in the table would also be good to take into consideration, so you have easy access to pens, papers, tape, clamps etc. If you need to hold meetings in your home office, be sure that there's either space for an extra table, or that it is possible to sit on both sides of the table, without monitors and wires getting in the way.

If the office is a place where the entire family spend time checking mails, playing computer games, surfing the web and making hobby projects, make sure that the table is so large, that more than one person can sit there, without interrupting the other users.

Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure that you have one or more office chairs that offers you good support and matches you interior design.

Choose your style
A traditional home office is usually styles with lots of wood and leather, but consider the over all style of your office before decorating it, and stick to a style that pleases your eye and reflect your personality. A good solution is to buy tables, cabinets, chairs etc. in neutral bright colors, and then give the office personality by adding vases, bulletin boards, framed family portraits and other accessories in colors or styles that suits you. Usually, these items are also easier to replace if you want to change the look of your office.

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