Loft & Roomers houses a vast range of furniture and home accessories, some of it designed by top professional designers. Each designer has their own exciting story to tell and they all have their own personal style. When our shop opens you will be able to find portraits of our designers and examples of the beautiful items that they have created.

Furniture architect John Nissen from Denmark

Nissens Tegnestue was established in 1999 by furniture architect John Nissen as a one-man design bureau, specializing in generating and visualizing new ideas for furniture.

Over the last 13 years he has served over 90 different companies all over the world, designing furniture for mass-production.

The main product area has been private housing: all kinds of furniture for baby- and children rooms, dining- and living rooms, bed- and bathrooms and out-door living.
Solid wood, veneered chipboard, MDF, foiled chipboard, steel, glass and aluminium has been the favorite materials.

To mention just a few designs – made by John Nissen – we can emphasize the models: LISON, SENTINEL, NIMES and PLANK.

He offers his service in all phases of development and call it “Product Development in 3 step” – because there is no obligations from one step to the other.

He believes that all good design is a result of co-operation, and he believes in honesty and mutual respect.

Designer Henrik Pedersen from Denmark

Designer Henrik Pedersen from the company 365° tells: Our core business is lifestyle-based design, ranging from furniture and lighting to packaging design

Designing is our passion – therefore we design. Neo-Scandinavian design, influenced by the vibes of London and the humour of Amsterdam, often with elements of fusion, resulting in materials and functions being combined in new and original ways, while always striving for a pure and simple look. But still with a strong focus on a Form follows Function’ philosophy in our creations.

To mention just a few furniture designs – made by Henrik Pedersen – we can emphasize the models: EDNA, PLECTOR and SCRAMBLE.

In our design solutions we adopt an international approach since our market place often spans the world.

Designer Anne Rye from Denmark

Anne Rye is today working at Actona Company as inhouse designer, where she has been employed the last 3 years. Anne designs both furniture and accessories. She is working on many different furniture, especially many sofabeds. Her design style is minimalistic and nordic, and she very much focus on details, i.e. a pocket on a sofabed for a mobile phone.

To mention just a few furniture designs – made by Anne Rye – we can emphasize the models: BRONZIT, ANNABELLA, LAMIA and many different accessories for home decoration.

Freelance designer Olivier Toulouse

Designer Olivier Toulouse from O Toulouse Design in France is specialized in furniture, lighting, toys and perfume bottles.

Olivier tells: After graduating in industrial design, I started my career as an in-house designer creating toys and packaging for a wooden toy manufacturer.  I then worked for a perfume company where I designed perfume bottles and packaging.  This experience taught me what companies require of a designer.
In 2004, I set myself up as a freelance designer based in Toulouse and created a wooden toy, which   today is a best-seller.  I then designed coffee tables, mirrors and lamps for various French manufacturers. Today I work with companies throughout the world.

Design for me is not just a job; it’s a passion. I get real pleasure creating a new design , and I the hope the user feels this enjoyment in the product. I find inspiration everywhere in my daily life and am always attentive to the world around me.  Ideas can arrive at any time.   However, I strive to remain in-touch with people and products in order to be creative in industrial production and respond to people’s needs. My aim is to find the “right” design, namely one that is simple, creative, good-value, straightforward to manufacture and gratifying for the customer.  I think that in order for a product to be good it must be appreciated by everybody.  That is why when I work on a new design, I try to do it from the perspective of manufacturer, seller and user.

To mention just a few furniture designs – made by Olivier Toulouse – we can emphasize the models: DANY, TOM, HIMALAYA, BOSSA, MIGGA, ELOISE.

Designer and MBA Jose Garcia Ballesteros

Designer Jose Garcia Ballesteros from Futhark Design in Valencia has a strong formation in design. His design focus is “Simplicity”, which for him means balance and elegance.

He tells: Opposed to some of our colleagues Futharks ambitions is not to express our own personal feelings in the designs we are creating. We leave that to ARTISTS - we are DESIGNERS

The philosophy of Futhark Design is not to get a lot of recognitions, prizes and pictures in magazines etc. - although they cannot always avoid it - the philosophy is to create designs and concepts which help our customers to sell more and earn more money and thereby being successful together.
When we design we thrive for big numbers... however numbers on which our customers are profitable. The difference that makes the sales... e.g. a better function, a great detail, new combinations... whatever... makes your product more interesting than the rest.
To mention just a few designs – made by Jose Garcia Ballesteros – we can emphasize the models: ELIPTICAL, TECH, STAN, SMITHFIELD, TRANK, PLAY ME and HALLEY.
About Loft & Roomers

At LOFT & ROOMERS we sell furniture and interior with focus on the Nordic living. We have furniture for both the simple and minimalistic homes and also for homes loving elegance and rural living. Our wide product assortment covers sofas, sofabeds, dining and coffee tables, chairs, storage, bar table and chairs, home office, small furniture, bedding, garden furniture, lighting, carpets and decoration. We supply our customers with the best products at a better price.
Allow your dreams to materialize with LOFT & ROOMERS.


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